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I'm Zara Siddique, Machine Learning Engineer.

Hi, I’m Zara. I develop software and make products better. I’m currently completing my PhD in Artificial Intelligence Ethics at Cardiff University.

Zara Siddique

My personal interests lie in using technology as a tool to help those in need, particularly the BAME LGBT+ community and asylum seekers and refugees in recent projects.




ML News Analysis

NewsNet provides a visual analysis of news trends and topics using natural language processing and web scraping.


Community Aid

A web platform to help isolated and vulnerable communities connect with the world, and ensure their safety during this pandemic.


Glitter Sisters International

I am a co-founder of GSI – our vision is to bring together queer women of colour by empowering and amplifying the visibility of our community.

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I write about machine learning and AI, tech, diversity, and anything else that I find interesting.